Sunday, February 18, 2007

The cat reigns supreme

Pasht is quite happy in her role as only mobile mammal-right now she's sunning on the chaise lounge and thermoregulating by moving in and out of the sunny spot.

Pasht is a 10 year old tortie-I wanted a kitten while in grad school, and I didn't want anything from Pasht's litter, but I took her to rehome her because I felt sorry for her. Tortioise shell kitties look a little odd until their coat comes in, and Pasht's people thought she had a skin disease and were going to put her down. It took us about an hour to catch her because, unlike the other kittens, she hadn't been given any attention.

I held on to her all the way home, upended a laundry basket to make a cage and went off to walmart to get some supplies. When I got back, she was sitting in the middle of the living room floor.

I said "I can't help you if you run away from me" and she walked right up to me, and has been next to me ever since that day.

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