Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amazing Oliver

Ollie liberated himself from his kennel last night. This happens. What is unusual, is there were not potty signs, signs of mayhem or destruction. He apparently curled up on a blanket and went to sleep-he didn't even torture the other dogs with "I'm out and you're not" because no one woke me up.

Ollie is not a perfect puppy-I'm healing from a nasty bite where he was going for the bone and got me. But, teaching a dog not to grab is just part of having a puppy, isn't it?

Oliver has the sweetest soul, and I am so lucky to have him in my life.


BBC said...


Debra Kay said...

Spoken like a true cat person!

Forever Young said...

was it your ankle he bit? how would you train him not to do that again? we let our pets do things we wouldn't let people do (although I know lots of humans who would bite us on the ankle if given half a chance).

Debra Kay said...

Nope, he was jumping up for a treat and got my finger instead. It WAS a bite, but he wasn't trying to bite me. I'll go back to feeding them by name for awhile-it's good exercise for them to wait until they are called to come forward and get their treat.

I don't tolerate biting here, but I have brought biters home and worked with them. Greta was a little chainsaw when I first brought her home, and now she's one of my most trusted dogs.

Most dogs are taught to bite (even if their people don't mean to do so) and they can be untaught as well-and without force or violence.