Thursday, March 20, 2008

My little Helpers

My ankle and back are sore today. As I was putting the dogs to bed, someone, I think it was Ollie, hopped up on a set of doggie stairs. I picked him up, hugged him and said "Oh, Thank You Ollie, I needed the help tonight."

When I turned around, another dog, Bitty, was waiting on the stairs. And so it went. Each dog hopped up, recieved his or her hug, and was tucked into bed.

Now of course, there is probably a scientific explanation, but I think they were motivated by both praise and altruism. They didn't know WHY I liked for them to get on the stair, but hey, if it made me so happy, then fine, they'd do it.

My eyes were misty as I tucked the last dog in. I really love those little guys.


Forever Young said...

misty eyes too, when i'm under the weather, i believe that snuffs is 'down' too. they are the most amazing creatures ever created, no wonder one of my favourite sayings is' the more people i meet, the more i love my dog!'

Prozacville said...

Dogs just KNOW, don't they. They FUCKING know!

Debra Kay said...

Prozac, people know too if they just would....I'm with FY, I've decided I'm a high functioning autistic and I enjoy my dogs more than people.

That really isn' true (the autistic part) but if you say that people will leave you alone.