Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Sound and the Fury and the SHAME and GLORY

Prissy had a major meltdown in class tonight. We ignored her and she growled so loud and so long people from all over the store came over to watch. I seriously thought about leaving. Then we played pass the puppy-and Prissy came back a changed dog. It's like the exercise triggered something in her head "oh yes, this is a class, there should be other dogs", and after 3 months with no class she hit every command.

Said meltdown was likely due to being (once again) the only small dog in the class-we had a pit bull, a lab and rottweiller nearest to us. But, we can't quit every class because there are no little ones, so I just let her melt it all out.

Somewhere after the embarrassment I remembered to be a calm leader and that transmitted itself down the line to Priss. She and (Dottie) are my best barometers to my own inner strength-cause if I show any weakness she will exploit it.

Next to Lily, who is deaf, Priss has to be the most challenging of my dogs. Now, remember, she was raised by my mother who catered to her every whim, and now Mom lives right down the street-so it has to be confusing....yeah, right. That little girl knows exactly what she's doing, systematically learning commands then testing limits with unerring precision. What a punkin head.

I signed Greta and Oliver up for a small dog/rescue dog meet up. Many of the dogs are pugs (I believe Greta to be a Chug, not a chi) and Oliver is just a sturdy, goodnatured fellow who will enjoy the outing.


Anonymous said...

Just like human children, maybe a tad hairier which could be scarier ... ;)

Jackson and Patrick said...

Meetups are a good time. I totally think Jack would have little dog meltdowns in class. He is tricky pup!

Rachael said...

Good for you for sticking it out with Prissy. Sometimes you just have to wait the tantrum out.

The doggy playday sounds fun! Take lots of pics for us!