Friday, May 30, 2008

What it takes to leave

Dogs are easy. Take them to the kennel, and pay a lot of money. For several days prior to that make sure they have extra outdoor time and exercise (even though they get it at the kennel as well).

Pasht Cat-clean litter box, leave enough food down for twice the length of stay (cats freak out if they can see the bottom of the bowl and the owner is gone) and 10 times the water.

Oliver Bird-set his CD player to go off, clean cage, layer his food in his bowls so that he gets surprises. Leave extra water and "lunch bag" of toys for him to tear into.

Carolyn Slowsky-leave plenty of water, hose down her enclosure (not sure why, in the wild if it didn't rain she wouldn't get wet)....hide food to encourage her to move around and hunt. There actually enough natural food in her enclosure to hold her easily for the length of time I'll be gone, but I added a couple of tomatos, peppers from the garden and some dried straweberry's for her to find. I wet down some kibble that either she'll eat or will draw ants and she'll eat the ants-her choice.

Snakes-feed a couple of days before leaving, make sure they have water, thermostats are functioning.

Feeder rats/gerbils-feed and water-ok, I brought them so clover too. They might as well live high on the clover while they live.

Water well and remulch all the plants.

This is a short trip-three full days, home early on the fourth. Temps are ok so no back up contingencies for power outages etc.

And Mom wonders why I wait till the last minute to pack.

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