Saturday, May 31, 2008

Puppy Mills

I missed the Oprah show on Puppy Mills the first time around, but I DVR'd it and sat and cried through the entire thing.

Yes, those religious people "view animals differently" that's supposed to make it OK? They know enough about the world to know what breeds sell well, what the people are buying them for (pets) and how to pick up the money and put it in the bank.

Bullshit to hiding behind religious beliefs but then cashing in on a "worldly" thing-people keeping pets in their houses...same person was shocked that the rescued dog was allowed in the house with "the family".

I hope there is a special hell reserved for pious people who nonetheless support themselves with suffering and abuse-they may be cashing in on "the world's obsession with animals" but THEY are the one's who are imprisoning and maintaining creatures in cruel conditions.

I have more respect for the bastards who are plainly doing it for a business and out for a buck. At least they know what they are.

Ok, I've sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to be non judgemental about this, and I just don't have it in me at this time. Wear your funny hat and your beard and all the rest-rock on with your religious beliefs-but KNOW that you are the bringer of suffering to helpless beings and be glad MY judgement cannot harm you because if I could I'd lock you in one of those hot cages with 10 of your smelly, frightened friends until you saw the error of your ways.


studio lolo said...

I saw that show and learned some things about puppy mills I didn't know before. I didn't think anything I was going to see would shock me, but like you, I cried. I shook my head and shook both fists because I know in my heart this behaviour will never stop. They'll just go deeper into those dark places and keep moving their kennels to be one step ahead of the inspectors. But like the show said, they're not breaking any laws as long as they're providing food and shelter. But in my mind they're breaking a universal law by being blatantly unkind to these wonderful, innocent creatures.

Wait until you get hooked on Animal Cops now that you have cable. You haven't seen anything yet, sadly.

Debra Kay said...

I'm a big fan of Animal Cops. One of the things I enjoy about the show is that with the elderly or mentally ill, they remove the animals BUT also seek to help the people.

Oklahoma is fairly rural, and many of the "city folk" still treat their dogs like farm animals. I've seen a few puppy mills here, but the whole hybrid mania has made everyone with two dogs want to become a "breeder" of "full blooded malti poos" or something.