Monday, April 7, 2008

Wake up and pee, the world's on fire!

Oliver has taught me well. Now we both call the dogs "slims". Oliver, a typical Okie African Grey, says Slim as a two syllable word.Now the slims formerly known as dogs would sleep until I got up-as they respected my position as pack leader and the pack leader is never awakened (unless you REALLY have to pee). Oliver has worked out that waking me up will not get him his morning peanut. So, he calls to the Slims, wakes Bitty up who has to PEE RIGHT NOW when she first wakes up (she's old). That will get me moving and get the whole peanut train headed in the right way.Of course, the slims put on a show for Oliver whose cage is by the backyard window, and if they slow down, he whistles and calls them and riles them up again. Slims are great fun.Oliver the dog is pretty horrified by Oliver the parrot. Prissy and Greta think he's cool, but Oliver the dog puts his head on my shoulder and closes his eyes when I take him in to see the parrot. Avoidance is the easiest way to handle something you aren't sure of, especially when you don't know what to do or say. Dogs are a lot like people.The older dogs have seen enough other critters to know if I put it in a cage and bring it into the house it's one of "us" no matter what it happens to be. The pups are mystified by this.


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Parrots ARE troublemakers!

Forever Young said...

i adore these stories of the 'two ollies', keep them coming. you see everything and everyone in your life so clearly and i like that too. hugs.