Sunday, April 6, 2008

Haircut from Days Gone By

This is Cody's lion cut last year, although with his brindle striping, he looks more like a tiger, or maybe a liger.
Chihuahua haircuts on longcoats are not well thought of in the chihuahua community, nor are brindle dogs. Cody is his own little man, and he doesn't care about those things.


Anonymous said...

Heehee, go Cody, be your own Chihuahua! I think you look cool :)

Forever Young said...

and his owner is her own woman and i like that LOTS,maybe this year he can be a laguar or a lanther or even a girephant, hell he can be just whoever he wants to be! and i like that LOTS too.

Debra Kay said...

He's working on his figure now-he's not ready for a bikini cut. Middle age seems to hit chihuahua boys a little harder than the girls. Of course, it really isn't middle age-it's hogging all the treats. So right now, instead of playing hide and seek with kibble, we play hide and seek with green beans, and Cody goes into the round pen for his own private session.