Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Little Dog Lost

A puppy followed my father home today. This threw the entire family, two households in a quandry, but I didn't put the puppy in my backyard. Eventually a neighbor lady with kids took it-he was a young lab, just as sweet as could be, and I'm glad it ended well.

I stopped in the first place because my parent's door and windows were shut up tight at 10 am, not a usual thing. I saw the puppy on the porch and imagined he was the cause, but I needed to be sure.

I don't want to be critical of my parents, but the door closed made me sad. It was saying "there is nothing I can do," but in my world, there is always something you can do. Even if its to give the dog a ride to the local animal shelter.

I know of two other houses that were watching the dog, not wanting it to get hurt, but not wanting to take it in. I had made up my mind that by this evening it would have shelter and food, then I would drive it to the shelter tomorrow.

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Forever Young said...

oh man oh man, i know how you felt, and it's so hard when our own kin act in a way we would never act. but they are not alone in this behaviour, most people would lock their doors and ignore the plight of a lost dog....we've had the same sweet little dog follow us home from the park last year, and both times we took him to the police and put up messages in the park and the owners found him, naughty owners is all i can say, and lucky he followed us and not anyone else!