Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eerie Dog Story Told by a Parrot

Oliver, the African Grey, is getting acclimated to the house. He is talking a lot more, but still will not speak when I'm in the room.

Today I let the dogs in for their breakfast, and left both doors open so Oliver could observe the sights and sounds of the rowdy pack. After everyone was settled, I gave Oliver his morning peanut and went to sit down at the computer.

After a minute I heard a gruff mans voice saying "Slim, slim, get over here" followed by a whistle. After that went on for a bit the mans' voice said "Slim, sit, SIT DAMMIT" followed by a dog's whine. My dog's weren't whining or talking, it was Oliver, telling us all a story from his past.

Oliver also meows at the cat, cackles when she runs out of the room and says "where'd you go?"

I'm glad he's with us now, and I hope his new doggy tales are happier ones.


Jack said...

How do you do Oliver! I can whimper like a puppy and meow like a cat but won't have to around you because I'm a parrot too! BWARK, you're a lot bigger than me!

Forever Young said...

ohmigod i adore african greys -they are sooo intelligent, ha ha what a lovely story, am i wierd thinking of it as a lovely story? how long have you had him?

Fern said...

you've got a parrot also?

I'd love to hear more of his birdie wisdom...

and a picture too?

Debra Kay said...

Pictures to come shortly. I didn't talk too much about Oliver because I wanted to make sure he's going to work out. He fits in our household with perfect ease, the cat is now his colleague and he delights in yelling at the dogs.