Monday, March 31, 2008


Bitty has taken to secluding herself in the round pen any time she goes into the backyard. The trouble is, she can't figure out how to open it back up when she wants to come into the house. I have to walk out and set her free.

But, I love how she loves her own little fenced area. It keeps the rowdy young dogs away from her. She can observe, but not participate, which is how she rolls through life. And that's really ok. I just wish she could figure out how to open the gate so I wouldn't have to go get her when I let the dogs in.

I could take the gate off, but that wouldn't keep the others out. I could move the pen closer to the house, but it's in the optimal sunny spot. I am the one who started it. I drove to Texas to pick up an old spinster dog, I set up a round pen cause I thought she might like it. And she does.

I don't really question why I take care of some old dog I didn't even know 6 months ago. And that's how I roll. We are quite a pair.

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Forever Young said...

oh god i wish i had my own private pen right now, everyone and everything is getting on my nerves...aaaaahhhh let me in pleeeeese