Sunday, February 3, 2008

Old dogs and puppies

Bitty is a demanding little dog. She is the first to yip in the morning, and would prefer I wait while she toilets so that she can come back in. This is fairly new-for awhile she wanted to hang out on the edge of the pack. Since I've turned the bathroom into a spa for old dogs, that's her favorite spot, except at meal time: then she would like to be in her crate.

She's such a genteel old thing I don't have the heart to deny her. She is what she was raised to be, a spoiled little pampered creature. She follows the basic rules about peeing in the house and crying at night, she enjoys watching the pack but does not like their robust ways. Oliver horrifies her.

Tandy, a chihuahua past (chocolate longcoat) despised puppies. She wouldn't bite them, or even growl, but if one came up, she would turn her head and close her eyes tight and shake until someone rescued her. This was a dog that scaled cliffs in a backpack and fearlessly herded armadillos. She was ok with kids. But, an unruly puppy would just do her in.


Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

I enjoyed reading this post and a bunch of others about your dogs. I think dogs are a special gift from God. I have the most amazing Yorkie... Wonderful creatures.

Rachael said...

Moxie DESPISES puppies. She gets this horrified look on her face when one accosts her. She's like, HMPH, REALLY!

Debra Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by Scott. Good for Moxie!