Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dog Show

I am watching the Eukanueba National Championship-and it is a great dog show. These dogs are really the best of the least among AKC dogs.

But this morning, I had my own dog show. I ran around the backyard dragging Prissy and Oliver and Cody at the end of a pink octapus tied to the end of a dressage whip. I would let them pull against each other, and when it looked like someone was going to lose their temper, I would jerk on the whip and suddenly they'd unite and pull together against me, growling fiercely as only little dogs can. Dottie, Bittie and Greta watched from a respectable distance.

I have to say, I enjoyed THAT show even more.

1 comment:

Forever Young said...

ha ha they sound like gladiators in the arena.