Friday, February 8, 2008

Interesting Faces

Three of my dogs have classical, beautiful chihuahua faces, complete with the little thumbprint indentation at the base of the muzzle. Take a bow Bitty, Prissy, and Cody. Yay! I love a good face on any animal.

Three of my dogs are currently in running for the most interesting face. Dottie has one eye. Greta has a fierce bulldog underbite and can't quite get her lower fangs in when her mouth is closed. Oliver's muzzle is already twice as long as Greta's and he's half her size. Is it puppy awkwardness or is he creating his own unique look?

I used to get seasonal pictures made of Dottie, and I continued after she lost her eye. I would proudly display the photo on my desk. Several co-worker's asked me why I would have a one eye dog's picture made.

Well, duh, because she's my dog, she has one eye and that's what she looks like. Dottie was a classical beauty as well, but now she has a beauty that transcends and heals. Dogs are who they are, big noses and all. All my dogs pose for the camera with the same "look at me" attitude, regardless of where they fall in the AKC standard.

What's that old saying? Beauty is as Beauty does.....

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Forever Young said...

'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and i have never seen an ugly dog- ever!