Monday, January 29, 2007

The sound of silence and gender issues

It's strange how the absence of two little dogs can create such a big void in the house-at least for me. It was hard for ME to settle in to sleep. At bedtime, Greta fussed for a second because she didn't have her buddy Prissy, Cody never gave the missing dogs a second thought. He did still pause at the bottom step this morning to wait for the little ones, realized they weren't there and dashed off to pee and bark at the squirrels. For such a foofy looking little beast, Cody is very pragmatic.

Cody is the first male dog I've had in ages, and I think that these little guys get a bad rap. My fears of him racing through the house lifting his leg on everything have been completely unfounded-and he was almost a year old when I had him neutered. Maybe we should start a campaign, "boys are OK too....." And as far as affection, he's as demonstrative and as dramatic as the girls. He's that dog that prefers to curl up right over my heart for our group nap.

Prissy prefers the bend of my neck, Dottie the comforting cushion of my belly. Greta snuggles in under one arm. What could be better?

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Rachael said...

Sound like you have the full chihuahua blanket!