Friday, February 2, 2007

WHAT is a Backyard Breeder?

Ok, I get the puppy mill thing entirely-too many dogs, unsavory conditions, CRUEL conditions, without any regard for the animals well being.

But the backyard breeder? Ok, anyone with a few dogs who has no regard for the animals well being-but that is a PUPPY MILL.

What about the enthusiast who is just toying with dogs, and may or may not have any interest in showing? On some of the lists I belong to, anyone who is not cruel to their animals but breeds a line with a look you disagree with is labeled a BYB-back yard breeder.

Ironically, it is the same elitist attitude demonstrated by the "true afficiandos" of the breed that attracts the John Q Public person who wants a dog like "Tinkerbelle". Snobs of the world, and wannabes, get over yourself.

Also, what is a purebred dog, beyond a dog that can trace its lineage back aways by a recognized registry-regardless of the quality of the animal. Even the much exaulted and beloved chihuahua didn't appear on the earth a complete and new species-for shit's sake, it's just a dog. AND, it's a dog whose function is to be a cute companion. So, while I can understand somewhat the debate of the strange topline of the American bred German Shepherds (form vs function) it doesn't really require all that much to be a fully "functioning chi".

Here is a strange idea for you-rather than focus on name calling why don't we think about educating the dog buying public so that they take care of the animals they DO purchase? When an educated public makes ethical purchasing decisions, the Puppy Mill will be gone.

An educated, ethical decision isn't necessarily buying from a long line of champions, but from someone who takes good care of their dogs and is thoughtful about how they place their dogs. Whether those dogs were bred in the backyard or on a sprawling estate is of no concern to me.

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