Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bogey is still looking for a home

And I want to screammmmmmmmmm-bring him here bring him here!!!! But there is no room in the pack for another little male, no matter how cute. I have two old dogs on their way out, and one newborn dog (Australian shepherd) on the way in. I haven't mentioned it yet, because it's a big Christmas surprise that I already know about. With any luck, the elders will last long enough to let the newcomer share in their wisdom, but it's going to be tight around here for awhile with potty training, sweaters to put on the seniors, heart medicine to dispense.

There is room in my heart, but not in my boarding bill. I can wrap my head around integrating another member into the pack, but not two, not right now.

And that is part of being a responsible dog owner, knowing when to say no, no matter how sad it makes me to do it.

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