Saturday, November 10, 2007


Oh, where to begin. We ditched out double class on Thursday-I've been feeling truly and honestly lousy. I picked the wild gang up this morning and Prissy is glad to not be an only dog any longer. Cody has lost a bit of weight-yay Cody Mondo!

All the kids had baths and looked their shiny best and everyone was eager to get out to the backyard to chase squirrels. In fact I was able to pick up Biddy and Dottie and Greta and Cody hopped out on their own and ran to the gate, tails wagging. A passerby would have thought "wow, there goes a lot of well adjusted well behaved dogs," and at that particlar moment, they would have been right.

The neighbors have a new Rottie mix, so I'm on alert to stop any trash talking and get things off on a nice foot. They are apprehensive (it's the daughter's dog and I'm not sure of the particulars, but it's going to be up to me to be the calm one).

One of the vet techs said if Bitty ever needed a new home, she wanted her. And part of me was thinking "Oh yeah, one less mouth to feed," but the truth is, Bitty is home. She's a member of the pack and we'd all miss her if she were gone. It makes me happy though that other people see what a truly wonderful little dog she is.

All is well when the pack is in the house.

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