Sunday, September 23, 2007

Old bones old bones

I have hurt my back and I'm sitting in the chair with hot heat on it and the cat wrapped around my shoulders for a pillow. I've also announced my intent to be cranky and self serving today.

Bitty has been yelping when I pick her up, and laying her teeth on me. In a younger dog it might actually be biting, who knows. So I am going to revamp her crate with some comfie padding and massage her shoulders a bit-I think they are giving her problems. I'll continue with the old dog paste to see if we can lubricate those old joints.

Greta now uses her leg when she runs-it's nice to see her limp lessen. Dottie is pretty spry-it's still not cool enough for her to have problems, but she'll get a revamped crate too because, well, she's Dottie.

I am going to be proactive and set up a "sunny spot" in the sunroom-heat lamps/lights for the tropical plants, and a nice bed for the old dogs right in the middle. Both the old gals are used to Texas winters and I want to make the Okie winter as easy as possible for them.

BTW-the grouping is for the plants benefit as well, but, hey, if I were an old dog I'd love it if someone built me a tropical villa and I have the perfect corner for it. (It's ok if you think I need serious counseling).

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