Thursday, September 27, 2007

Everybody needs to be good at something

Prissy suffers from being the baby. She doesn't have any infirmities and she sometimes acts up just to be noticed. Today we were all playing Frisbee and I realized that I never praised her like I do the other pups who had rougher beginnings. So, when she brought the frisbee I called out "Yay Prissssssy, good girl" and that lit a fire under her.

She became the worlds first three pound Frisbee champion, showing the big dogs how it was done. Prissy is always very self possessed and self assured, but that little dog just glowed with pride. And that reminded me of how much we all need to hear "good job!"


kj said...

aaaawwwh, what a sweet story about prissy.

so you're a dog person, eh? me too....

i'm going to take a little time and enjoy reading some of your prior posts.


Debra Kay said...

I am going to become a crazy dog lady, I'm sure of it. Well, maybe not. But I want my dogs to be an even bigger part of my life than they have been in the past. Life is too short not to spend plenty of time with your dogs!