Friday, June 29, 2007

All together now!

After many set backs and fine adventures, we are all once more in the same house. Due to the deluge of rain we've had in OKC the new couch is now annoited with the smell of wet dog and the new floors have paw prints. Thank God!

Prissy has sampled the corner of the new couch and has shredded a packing box. Thank God we are all here. One chair hasn't arrived yet, but it will soon and someone will jump up on it with wet paws.

It was really uncomfortable being here before the dogs came in and made themselves at home.

The spotties were the last to arrive this afternoon (rain kept them at Mom's) and they are prancing all over the house and backyard claiming it all. Greta and Cody got here yesterday so they are busy catching up on naps on the couch.

I don't have a dog door installed so I just propped the backdoor open and they have all been playing in the rain because they CAN. I love my dogs.


Rachael said...

Did Pascht make it too?
Glad to know you are all together again and settling in well! Its done nothing but rain here too. So annoying. Moxie doesn't share the Poi's enthusiasm for rain.

Debra Kay said...

Oh yes-Pasht road down on the last trip with Uncle John-she was supposed to come last week but took off over the fence at 4 am....she had a dogless day or two and then I started bringing the other kids home-two by two.

She likes the new house and she likes seeing my parents more often-so it's all good.

Pasht has been my friend since Grad school-I wouldn't go anywhere without her, and I wouldn't go anywhere she couldn't go.

Debra Kay said...

rode not road

Michele said...

OMG: Where is Rachael? Is it raining everywhere in the country? I can vouch for rain in Texas and Arkansas.