Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Social Conflict

I just realized keeping the canines in the same room with the Wild Caught Python is probably stressing out the snake. Poor old Alfred doesn't know the difference between a cape hunting dog and a chihuahua. The captive hatched don't seem to care either way. But I will move the dogs into the spare room, along with me and then sleep in the main room with the snakes when I have guests.

It's important that the dogs and I sleep in the same room-at least to me it is and I think it is to them. I don't think the snakes care, but I promised I would not put snakes in the guest room, so I won't.

I may move my super wonderful mattress into the "guest" room, and then buy a good twin for the snake/main bedroom. Then I can get more snakes......ha ha ha.

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