Wednesday, May 2, 2007

On the road again...just can't wait to get

I was making weekend plans to pick up the spotties and I heard one of them bark. My eyes teared up instantly. Do you think I might miss my dogs just a little bit?

Greta and Cody have managed to survive the backyard without Dottie’s leadership, but I know it’s been tough on them. They still hesitate when going out-because I can’t go out with them-although that is changing a bit. I’m out of the walker-however the back steps are still tough.

I’m leaving the dynamic duo at home (kennel) so I can spend the weekend with my spotties and then we can all be home together next week at long last. Then we’ll start working out a reasonable travel rotation so that everyone gets road time and the all important get your feet in the mushy goo at the edge of ponds and lake time. I don’t think Prissy has ever seen a pond or a lake; Cody and Greta probably haven’t either. I can’t wait to show them the natural world!

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