Sunday, April 29, 2007

Safety First

The dogs kept the backyard safe from squirrels while I spent most of the day sleeping. First get the body back in order, then work on the mind. That's how I treat my animals and it works pretty good for me too.

Next week I may be able to get down the back stairs WITH a cup of coffee-then my spring shall surely begin. There are few things in life better than good coffee in the backyard with the dogs.

I could actually make it to the front yard with the dogs, but the duplex has the bedrooms at the front of the house and I try to be respectful of other people's weekends.

Right now, timing isn't critical, but this is Texas and soon coffee in the backyard will be not so fun by about 10 am.

Somehow I over ordered my food this weekend, so the hounds have enjoyed free range chicken and fresh vegetables. Mom will be bringing a pack of the chicken that Dottie insists be sprinkled on her food before she will eat it-OLD DOGS CAN TEACH US NEW TRICKS.


Rachael said...

LOL at Dottie. Moxie has gotten so used to having some little tidbit mixed with her dry kibble, that if I attempt to give her just dry kibble, she looks at me like, "but Mom, what about the toppings?"
Dogs are the best.

Debra Kay said...

Dry kibble is akin to torture at my house.

Michele said...

Ahhh, coffee in the great outdoors. That has to be the best meditation ever. But since I have not dogs, I'll have to settle for coffee outdoors with cats : )

Michele said...

sorry ... have "no dogs." I can't seem to type or talk on this Monday.