Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cabin in the Woods

The dogs hae displayed an interest in their new log dog cabin-but for actual usage it's probably going to be more of a lawn ornament. It does make the backyard look cozier though, and who knows, a squirrel or a rabbit might take a nap in it..

It snowed yesterday but did not stick and the few times the dogs went out they were too busy playing in the snow to want to take refuge. Today the extended three day cold spell has taken it's toll and Greta and Cody have spent a lot of time sleeping. I have never actually set in some new chairs I bought right before surgery (no arms and kind of low) but Greta and Cody and Pasht have already annointed them with various shades of hair. Pasht actually prefers the footstool with a blanket on it, but she shares when I need to prop up my foot.

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Rachael said...

awe how sweet! Show us some pics!