Thursday, April 12, 2007


Remember Mr. Bill-the little clay man and he’d go OH NO and then something would smash him flat? Well, that’s the way my leg felt yesterday. So I stayed home and stayed flat. But, it may not yet be time to bring the Spotties home-I don’t know if I can handle the added steps just yet. I have a few days to decide and maybe things will change. I miss the girls.

For some reason, if I move Greta and Cody into the back bedroom, they don’t bark when I come home, etc. I guess they feel like that 10 extra feet from the front door means they are no longer on guard duty. Getting them into the vets office is going to be a challenge in the morning. Heck, getting them into the car is going to be a challenge. Walking with the walker with two dogs on lead is a talent I have yet to master. Using the brace coupler actually makes things worse not better.

I’ve been reading lots of ads that stay “I NEED a free Yorkie”, well I’m here to tell you immature person, you need, food, you need water, you don’t NEED a Yorkie. When did dogs get to be a bonafide need instead of a privilege and honor? I DO need my dogs, but I am prepared to pay for that need.

One of the most frequent ploys is “My one year old, two year old, etc., NEEDS a small dog”-bullshit. Your one year old needs a stuffed toy and a few years to learn about how to behave properly around small dogs. If you are running ads to get people to give you things your one year old NEEDS why on earth are you having kids to begin with?

Another fave-My old grandmother needs a friend-double bullshit. Your old grandmother needs YOU to spend more time with her. If she is on a fixed income, she doesn’t need another mouth to feed. If grandma is in no shape to go out and get her own dog, she probably will need help caring for that dog. Have you thought about that and are you prepared to step up?

Dogs are dogs. They are not siblings, they are not surrogate children, although they are often expected to function as such. How unfair is that?

And saying my dog is a dog and not a child doesn’t mean I love them any less. If accepting kisses from someone who regularly licks their own ass isn’t love and acceptance, what is?


Michele said...

I had forgotten about Mr. Bill. I used to love that bit. Sorry your leg felt like smashed Mr. Bill though ... that's never good.

Rachael said...

Very well said! Sadly the majority of the dog owning public has anthropomorphized dogs to such a degree that they are no longer to be dogs, or behave like dogs in any way, that means, no chewing, no barking, no growling, no biting, no marking, no animal whats an animal to do?