Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the Dog Zone

I indulged myself in one of my favorite passive activities. Sitting on a bench and making myself absolutely still, so still that the dogs just went about their business. It is really delightful to share in their quiet joys, not the big "Mom is here" celebrations.

They romp and play and make up their own games, and every so often make eye contact to check in. Greta in particular is always very pleased when I join them.

I do like celebrations and crowning moments. I guess the last big moment we had was Lily learning to climb the stairs. But the little quiet times are nice too. Not every day can be a stair climbing day.


Forever Young said...

i think every day for you and your dogs is like a stair climbing day, isn't life all about stairs,,,sometimes up 3 steps and down 2!!!

studio lolo said...

I finally got to be in the dog zone today. It was grand. This is my first day off in over a month. No commitments to other animals, just my own. Emma and I had the entire beach to ourselves this morning. She ran circles around the shorebirds while I walked in silence. It was perfect.