Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Last night I was eating my greekish salad (it had yogurt and cucumbers, therefore it must be greek) and Prissy came in from the outside. I guess she let herself in. She hopped in my lap and at that moment Oliver the parrot indicated it was about time for a peanut.

I tucked Priss under my arm and we went in to visit with Oliver. They shared a peanut. Pretty soon Greta and Oliver the dog let themselves in (most likely Greta with Oliver on her heels) and they suggested we have an early dinner party. So I loaded the three dogs in their crates, gave them some kibble and went to look for the others.

All three were waiting expectantly by the back door. They couldn't work out how to nose it open and it was rattling in the wind. Besides, why bother when the Gravy Train will come to you, pick you up and tuck you in?

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Forever Young said...

see what i mena, it's never dull in your house, wish i were a fly on the wall!