Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog Behavior

Unlike a wolf pack, new dog members are often met with little enthusiasm. Lily is trying her best to fit in, but the others are making sure she understands how little and insignifcant she is. Except for Bitty-who is horrified by the whole puppy pouncing on older dogs who don't really like other dogs thing.

When I see her running for Bitty I shout in my best Aussie accent-Look out there mate, here comes the Dingo!

Today there was too much trash talk at the fence, so I put the entire pack in the small round pen, except for Bitty, who got a little section all to herself. It's good practice for when we go on trips and they will need to stay in an ex pen.

I didn't "punish" them, I just put them in. Since they are rarely all in at once, the ex pen is more of a treat for them-just something different, a bit of mental exercise. In a few minutes I'll go let them out, and THAT will be different too. Remember it doesn't take much to amuse a dog.

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Forever Young said...

it's like a baby pen and it is good for them,they need to know who's ' top dog' in that house, YOU.