Friday, March 14, 2008

La Toilette

I finally bought a doggy dooley-I've had a makeshift one before, but now I have the real thing. My pooper scooping is going to go up to a whole new level, I'm sure of it. Basically, it's a hole where you toss the scooped poo and enzymes break it down. Better for the world than tying it up in a plastic bag that will take years to disentigrate.

Is it only in America that we buy containment systems for our dog poop?


Forever Young said...

hahahahahahaha now you've finally done it, you've got me rolling on the floor...only in america....this would make a good 'giggle' ...gonna think of one.

Forever Young said...

hey it's a brilliant idea, but just such a funny name doggydooley doggydooley doggydooley, rolls on the tongue...ha ha