Sunday, May 4, 2008

Exciting and Random Trivia

1. Cody has a verifiable waistline again! Yay Cody!!!!!

2. Ollie is now the tallest dog by about a quarter of an inch! Yay Ollie!!!!

3. Bitty is the oldest dog by quite a bit....Yay Bitty!!!!!!

4. Lily is struggling with her leash training-still. Go Lily!!!!

5. Greta still tries harder than any dog I've every had-Yay Greta!!!!

6. Prissy has the most self esteem of any dog on the place. Whoopeeee Prissy!!!!!

7. Pasht is reigns supreme as the cat goddess-all hail Pasht.

8. Oliver the parrot is still a hoot. His country and western tape came on today at 12:00-he likes it so I just leave it set to go off. Today when when Willie started singing he waddled over to the window, looked outside and said "yeah, looks like snow, heh heh heh..."......well, allright then Oliver!


Anonymous said...

HAHHAAA, you have a weather forecaster!

Forever Young said...

ha ha this is one of the funniest posts recently, more of these facts please!

studio lolo said...

This really made me giggle. It brought me immense joy!!