Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Memory

On Friday Cousin Blue did not past her feeling good and loving life test, so the vet was summoned to put her to rest at last. Blue was 17 years old, originally from Oklahoma and a bad situation. My Cousin Cindy brought her home to California and worked with her to overcome some behavioral issues caused by cruel treatment. Cousin Blue lived 13 more years and was a member of the family.

I'm glad she hung on for one last visit-I said a private goodbye to her last week before I left California. One of the Cousins, Phil or Cindy (they are husband and wife which makes them both my cousin and Blue was their dog who was rescued from another Uncle-so she was my Cousin too)took this picture of Blue and Gopher waiting for the vet.

How lucky Blue was to pass her last hours of life stretched out in the sun with a blanket and a good friend. When I go, I hope there is someone who will sit with me and wait for the end of all things. That's what friends are for.

Run Free Bluey, and say hello to my darlings who are with you now. Tell them I miss them and will see them again one day.

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Rachael said...

I have a soft spot for heelers and oldies, dear sweet blue, may you rest in peace.