Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A thief in the night...

Mr. Cody was curled up on the floor beside my bed when I woke up. Now how he got out, and why Greta didn't raise the alarm remains a complete mystery. He doesn't like the snakes in the room and I can't believe it goes back to that unfortunate incindent last summer.

When Cody was new to my house, and still very aloof and jumpy, he found a grass snake and I ran over to look at the snake. I used my ankle (not kicking) to push Cody back and bent to pick up the snake, who shot up my bare leg instead of heading away like a reasonable serpent. I shouted and did a little snake dance and Cody ran for the hills.

In the house I don't encourage a lot of dog/snake interaction because most of the snakes would be snack size for dogs and I just don't think a snake has the mental facilities to form a friendship with a predator.

Pasht (the old cat) and Elvis (kingsnake) do have a fascination for each other, but Pasht is too old to care about killing things and Elvis seems to regard her as the Mount Olympus of Mice...too big to really tackle, but oh how he dreams.

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