Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It happens

After the Feast of the Snake I let the 2 poidogz in bed with me. The "big" guys take a little longer to settle down than the spotties, but we finally settled in-Cody on my hip and Greta on my pillow with my nose on her hip.

We were all snoozing peacefully when something went horribly wrong.

I awoke to find my forehead on Greta's hip and her tail across my nose. She must have scooted around in her sleep. The fact that her tail was across my nose meant my nose was sharing space with that part of her that resides UNDER her tail.

Precisely 2 nano- seconds after I got my bearings, she farted. Her fart woke her up-she looked at ME in disgust and went down to sleep at the end of the bed. Cody lifted his head to see what all the commotion was about, looked at ME in disgust and went to the end of the bed.

Let me share with you that EVO farts are the worst ever.

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