Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Out to Lunch (Sort of)

I'll be out for awhile-surgery on the 9th and will be in the hospital for a few days....when I get home and am coherent, I will return.

My Cousin Cindy took this picture of her Mom's Dog, Rusty. Rusty is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met-he figured out the clicker in about 30 seconds. Some neighbors dropped by on their way to taking Rusty to the pound-my Aunt was his last hope. Fortunately for Rusty, the fates saved the best for last.

His story is that of an amazing little dog who could have ended up in a bad way. Smart dogs, without proper training, often end up in the shelters. And dogs, no matter how cute they are, still do doggie things-like get up on the dining room table (Rusty) pull down the mini blinds (Cody) chew toilet paper (Prissy) eat sharpies (Dottie) growl at the cat (Greta) bark at the TV (Dollie)....

Rusty found my Aunt shortly after she lost her dog Buck. She made up her mind not to have another dog-and I'm glad she changed it. Since this post will be up for awhile, I wanted to make sure it had a happy ending. So, it ends with a new beginning-The Adventures of Sir Rusty.

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Head Squawker Michele said...

We'll miss the adventures of the Poidogz ... maybe you should keep a journal while you're out so you can fill us in when you get back. Good luck with the surgery and heal quickly.