Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yet another blog entry on...

On how quiet the house is without the dogs. It isn't really, the cat is meowing and there are still snakes to water and crickets to feed to lizards. But without the kiddos, the life that remains is slightly less dazzling.

Leashing and hauling four excited dogs to the vet is always a treat. It was fun today because my brother was here to help and the kids sensed that he didn't quite know what to do. Greta got to wear a new collar because somebody, probably Cody, ate hers. Cody did his best dramatic flattening himself to the ground, and Greta demonstrated how she would run right to the truck and load herself.

Once we got to the vet, Cody forget he was shy and retiring and oh so sad and ran right up to the attendant in an attempt to steal the first pet from Greta. Dottie and Prissy waited regally for his return-they do not walk themselves back but must be carried as befitting dogs of their stature.

Greta's in for a little surprise-her teeth need to be cleaned. It's always something-and with four dogs it's a little easier to get them on rotating schedules of maintenance than pay for it all at once.

I'm very pleased with how well all of them have settled in to the new vet/kennel. It is always easier to leave when they take it in stride.

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