Monday, May 21, 2007

Sir Rusty Fuzzy Poi

My crew comes home tomorrow, but the family was thoroughly entertained by the antics of my Auntie Hilda's little Poidog, Rusty. Rust was on his way to the dog pound when my aunt took him in-lucky for us all. He's a mostly poodle, probably some terrier scruffy little wonder dog. Scary smart. A consummate host, dutifully greeting everyone no matter how often they came in the door or down the hall. He was tireless in spreading good cheer.

After a few days of visiting, he decided my Mom has the best lap for snoozing and I know she was delighted to be selected for the honor.

Rusty has found his calling as the Official Family Greeter. He was not perfect when he came into the family, well, he's still not really perfect, but a little work and a lot of love have turned him into the perfect dog for his household.

Rusty was a near victim of "the landlord found out syndrome".

People, if your lease doesn't allow for pets, don't bring them in. It isn't fair to you OR the dog.

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