Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poidogz I love you

I am going back to Oklahoma this weekend-if I got my dogs OUT Of the kennel, I would lose the space-but if I left them in, they would make room. So, one week has turned into two weeks (and a dental appointment for Dottie).

Yes, at this point in time (moving, winding down a job)having four dogs is too much for me-but part of that is because I am making the changes necessary to have more time. Wait for me little Poi's, I will return for you.

This is the point where people just post their dogs on Craigslist and say I don't have time to give the dog what he needs. Well, I am making the time, but I can't do it in 7 days-it takes me at least 27....hah.

It's costing a fortune in kennel bills, but they are being well taken care of, and it's worth it.

Soon we'll all be together again in our new home, with our new backyard. No more cranky man behind us. And surprise, Grandma, Grandpa and Dolly live one door down....

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Rachael said...

They will thank you later for all the extra time you will have to spend with them.