Monday, April 23, 2007

This is not a fire drill....

I was awakened at 3:31 this morning by a “this is not a drill” call from Cody and Greta. I hopped in the wheelchair (I didn’t have my ortho boot on) and we scrambled down the dark hallway with Greta looking back over her shoulder to make sure I was keeping up. The cat trailed along behind.

I executed the perfect move at the backdoor-this was not the time to get hung up on the cabinets as I often do. The dogs piled outside and made haste to the poopy spot. Maybe I overdid it on the kale.

I piddled around. My favorite wee hours thing to do is to see what the snakes are up to at night, but since yesterday was feeding day they were digesting. A digesting snake resembles your favorite relatives after a Thanksgiving dinner- a lot of stretching out and getting comfie and not much else.

The Gerbils were intrigued by the sudden flurry of activity. For “non-nocturnal” creatures “unlike “rats and mice” the gerbils seem to be up and about a great deal of the evening. When you don’t have a day job it’s easy to get your hours messed up.

Various missions accomplished, we all settled back down for the remainder of the morning till the alarm blasted us awake once again. I slapped the alarm off and we slept a couple more hours-then it was off to greet the day once more.

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