Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Brunch

Yesterday was a day for sleeping and in the case of the dogs, lazing around in the sun. Today I was fixing myself a Kale omelet and took some extra Kale and extra egg and some dog food and made the kiddos a little something special.

I know there is a huge debate on human food vs. pet food, and in fact I've got some show on the Fat Dogs of England on right now. But I differentiate between wholesome food that is good for everyone and a bit of cake.

Chihuahuas are prone to hypoglycemia (although the two with me currently probably wouldn't have that problem) but I don't eat white sugar and neither do my dogs. In fact, if I would pay half as much attention to my diet as I do my dogs-I would be better off. That was actually my new year's resolution, and I've pretty much stuck with it.

Good lord, you guys need to watch this show-this lady is going ballistic because the groomer called her dog fat (and the dog is way huge).

I think it's a good example (the owner admits the dog is her daughter) of when people expect dogs to replace something that is missing in their lives. Not to be maudling, but my dogs do "complete me", but I let them complete me as doggy additions to my life not little surrogate humans. This is a bit easier for me than some, because I actually enjoy dog behavior more than human behavior.

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