Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buh Bye Boyz

Oliver will be sporting a few (two) less accessories when he comes home tomorrow, but they are nothing he really needs. Instead, he'll have a longer, stress free life without them as well as fewer agression problems, particularly with other males.
Having had all kinds, I do believe a neutered pet is a superior pet, easier to train, more emotionally stable and just generally more pleasant to have around.
One little chap like Ollie could spread a lot of seed in a short sojourn around the neighborhood. He'll be less likely to want to wander. A neutered male dog is also less likely than an intact dog to be a target for dog to dog agression.
Ollie was one of about 6 in his litter, an unplanned litter that was being given away on the street. I still see one of the pups (I'm sure it is his sibling) running loose in the neigbhorhood, too frightened and timid to even catch. One day I expect I'll see it on the street, dead.
Ollie himself would not be here without antibiotics, anti parasitics and some iron booster. He was one sick little fellow when he came to me.
I believe Oliver, and dogs like him, have great value as teachers and friends. If you want to have a dog, I think you should have one. But take care of that dog, and all aspects of the dog. We are guardians of these little beings we've created.


Mim said...

i SO agree!

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased he made it home again okay and has a loving parent and friend :)

Afreud of Myself said...

There's something a little bit unsettling about a lady singing the praises of a male dog being castrated.

But then as a castrated dog myself at the moment, perhaps this is just a moment of projection.

Still loving the pics.

Have realised that if I'm ever going to make it a psychotherapist, like Freud, I will need a dog who will love me and whom I can love when the patients go away.

Rachael said...

Good luck to Ollie as he goes in for the snip. Besides everything you mentioned, intact male dogs are just gross....they're always peeing and sniffing and chattering their teeth and drooling, and the humping, yuck. If I have it my way there will never be an intact male of ANY species in my life. LOL!

As for the spanish class, I don't know if I recommend it yet. So far its been very easy for me, mostly because its the basic level and I've been studying spanish for a while and lived in Mexico so I have an advantage. But it was affordable, only $75 and its very convenient. Go to
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Debra Kay said...

I suppose I really should have said spay/neuter. Females are also nicer pets. Prissy and Dottie (in her prime) would be impossible to live with around other dogs/people if they had not been spayed. Greta and Bitty may have been submissive enough without it, but I bet they still would have suffered from doggy pms.

Forever Young said...

i think all men should be castrated,lol.

JJ said...

brain surgery! =)