Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look at ME...NO NO ME..NO ME ME ME

Fun last night. Same angle, same shot, same cute dogs. There are worse things in life than endless cuteness.




Forever Young said...

how do you get their attention like that? when snuffs sees the camera, she turns the other way!

Debra Kay said...

They are all pretty much conditioned to make eye contact at this point. Part of it was obedience training-but a lot of them just naturally do it. Oliver is alive today because he sat still, made direct eye contact and said "get me out of this box right now".

If I want a really animated look, I'll hold a squeaker toy over my head.

Even if I'm just handing out treats, no trick required, I make eye contact with the dog who is getting the treat. Over time it's reinforced a couple of things-one eye contact is good, and two, I'm the decider.

A fun game is start treating the dog who is sitting, and only that dog. Pretty soon, without a word spoken, you have a line of happily sitting dogs.