Thursday, May 1, 2008

Low Fat Mocha

I got to go to doggy school with my cousin Cindy and Mocha. Mocha is one lucky little fellow-he's been through several homes before he landed with Cindy and Phil. Typical sad story-he's of the herding persuasion, some Corgie, some Aussie floating around in there. He needs a job, he needs things to guard, and he needs to feel like he has a place in this world. I really ache for the all the misunderstood herding dogs in the world. They are fabulous dogs if you have the good sense to let them be what they are.

I think poor Mocha ended up at one point in an apartment-he's so small he should fit in, right? That's the special hell that belongs to Corgies and Shelties and probably mini Aussies. Small dog, high energy, high drive.

Mocha is one lucky fellow-and pretty handsome too. Of course, I am biased because I adore him.


studio lolo said...

Oh you're so right about herding dogs. So many working and hunting breeds are misunderstood because of their high energy. Terrors (terriers) too! Thank goodness you and I are here to set them straight :D Mocha has the same coloring as my dog Emma. Chocolate sharp looking!

JJ said...

I don't think an apartment is necessarily bad unless it's coupled with an owner who doesn't understand the needs of such a dog. After all, you don't get much higher drive than the Derblet and we lived in an apartment for a good 6-8 months of his life with no problems, but he went to classes, got training every day, lots of exercise. All kind of depends on how much you're willing to commit to the dog as opposed to where they live. I see plenty of "farm" dogs get into heaps of trouble using their drive in an inappropriate way. =)

Debra Kay said...

True, but Jamie, you are an exceptional dog owner and you knew what you were signing up for. Mocha's people saw small and wanted something to play with their kid, and were then horrified when the dog ran across the back of the couch.

Ollie may be an exceptional terror (terrier). He is the softest dog I have, but I'm still waiting for the hormones to kick in-oh wait, they can't.

Forever Young said...

he is such a charmer, and those eyes...sighs