Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beam Me Up Scotty: In the beginnng

Beam Me Up Scotty: In the beginnng

Omigosh, how time does fly.

Let's see-Scotty sold, cubicle bought, given away, Cosmic Cowgirl bought and ready to roll.
I had to add a new trailer hitch to the truck (the one I bragged about in January was crap).
Foot surgery -complete and healing.
Midlife crisis-still going strong-but I've moved back to Oklahoma City and into the frying pan that created who I am.

Uncle John-going downhill a bit, but still a few blocks away-he will never be far away from me until he passes away, and then he will still be with me.

Snakes-lost 20 ish in an ice storm, 3 survived. Dogs-picked up an elderly chihuahua and she's doing fine. Cat-still the boss.

I'm still toying with the idea of joining the urban chicken movement.

I dumped a lot of stuff moving to OKC but have picked up a lot more, however I no longer consider it a moral failing. I try to pass on what I don't use.

The Cruiser (bike) has a new friend coming next week-that was my Christmas/Birthday lost over 50 pounds present to myself, a really nice, road ready hybrid to take with me on the road-I'm thinking about having a carless month sometime in 2008.

Mom and Dad-two houses down, drive me nuts, and I love them dearly. And yes, I'm still glad I came "home" for awhile.

I still have the brand new saddle I bought-we'll just have to see what next year brings, won't we?


Mim said...

Quite the year - and we're all lost in cyberspace aren't we?

Debra Kay said...

Lost and sometimes found.