Sunday, June 10, 2007

A migration

We (4 dogs and me) are heading up I:35 in the morning-it will be the last time some or all of the poidogz are in Texas. I'm going to be running back and forth for a few week, probably will be bringing at least one or more for company....but not all. A full scale migration is just too hard to pull off multiple times.

I'll probably end up traveling with the bigguns-Mom can watch the spotties for me and it will actually be good for the bigguns to have more social/road time. Greta is almost a normal dog at this point-Cody still only likes me.

The cat senses we are moving and is not amused. She has let it be known she hates any disruption in her life-but what she doesn't know is that she'll be allowed to go in the backyard in the new place. (no creek or owls) so she might just change her mind.

I did a prelim run on trying to figure out how long it will take to stuff 20 snakes in bags and clean out all the boxes, stack them......longer than I thought. And in keeping with the stress free to the animals philosophy, all handling must be done in a calm, easy manner.....oh lord help me.

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