Friday, December 28, 2007

Snowwwwww again?

Ok, if this is a dry winter then I'm not sure Oklahoma is the place for us....sheeesh. Although, the chihuahua haven in the bathroom is a big hit for the little bitty's. In fact, if I go through with my plans to pull out the carpet I am going to have to create an "alternate" space for them. The two old dogs especially seem to benefit from the extra warm room.

Greta, Cody and I can't get comfie at the temperatures they require, so this works out well for all of us. Makes me wonder how people with vastly different dogs-like a chihuahua and a newfoundland, cope.

The tiny ones do seem to have extra problems with both the heat and the cold. They really are more fragile creatures than my big dogs.


isay said...

so adorable dogs and lovely pictures!

Debra Kay said...

Thank you!