Sunday, October 21, 2007


It's been awhile since I posted. Prissy was charming in her debut in obedience class and has decided going to places and being the center of attention is a very good thing. Today she'll go geocaching with me-socialization is important, and one more time she's the only dog mentally/physically up to the challenge.

The kids have taken up their sunning stations, trying to pull a little warmth out of th autumn sun. Cody of course suns in the shade-his dark fur makes direct sunlight not so fun for him. It's a very windy day and I notice Cody likes to turn his head into the wind-I think he likes having his ear hairs blow. Cody is a little vain.

Dottie, having established that the back fence is hers, huskies and mastiffs beware, is having a slow motion roll in the grass. Bitty is lounging under her pear tree. The angle of the sun makes UNDER the tree sunny and around the treeh shady-odd. The cellar door has heated up and Greta is warming her hips on it.

Even the dogs are different on Sunday mornings. They seem to know it's a day to catch your breath.


Forever Young said...

my snuffles also loves sundays, as she has me all to herself, no work, no housework, just rest and 'be'.

Rachael said...

You have a way of making your back yard sound like heaven.

Debra Kay said...

I suppose it is heaven for small dogs and squirrels. But actually, any place with dogs is a little piece of heaven, isn't it?