Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sanity Reigns

I don't have time/energy for another dog. Despite what Daddy thinks-I do have plenty of space. But my travel schedule for the end of the year isn't conducive to a young pup's social development. Greta has blossomed with my travel, Cody has gotten begrudingly better. He is steadfast in his committment that he will only love me. Prissy backslides every time I travel.

I've got to get beyond the dialogue that all the moving, etc. is confusing to her and get back to the mindset that she just has to behave.

And, Dottie is aging. She doesn't need the disruption of another young dog in her life-she has plenty to do bossing the three she has. I am afraid this sudden interest in a young dog has to do with a premonition that soon there will be another empty space in our pack.

Dotty started out like Prissy-more of a pain than a blessing. But she blossomed into one of the greatest loves of my life. So much so, I once said "If Dottie died, I'd just have to go with her."....and truly, at that moment, I meant it. That's a lot of pressure to put on one little 3 pound dog.

I see it a lot-people make their little dogs the single center of their life. Industries are built on clothes and crap (yes I have them too) that the dog doesn't need or care about. I really like my new vet, they don't push the extras, they push the basics. Feed your dog well, vaccinate him as needed, and bring him in if he's hurt...THEN buy cute clothes.

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Rachael said...

I'm one that thinks, "If Moxie died, I have to go with her" and I still mean that. And she doesn't have any clothes! (She does have an excess of toys though)