Friday, March 16, 2007


Lots of activity preparing for the new Jamp, rearranging cages, etc. and some deliveries.

Snake Population (as of next Monday)
Elvis-Blotched Kingsnake (goini) my first, my most outgoing, truly the king
Scarlett-albino (no black, only yellow, pink and orange) cornsnake-the sweetheart
Andy Warhol-snow (white, pink and some yellow (ehh dirty snow?) cornsnake-he's silly
Alice Cooper-Ball python, about 2-3 years old, traded my mean old kingsnake Foster for him. I got the best end of the deal, he's sweet
2 Ball Pythons with lots of white on them-no names yet, they are babies. The guy was so nice about delivering them I just bought two-I have an extra cage and they are pretty. And yes, one is a boy and one is a girl, but babies would be years down the line (and impossible unless I cage them together).
Jampea Dwarf Reticulated Python-no name yet-she'll tell me who she is when it's time.

Elvis, the Balls and the Jamp are not endangered species, but their habitat is being threatened, they are sub species so not likely to get a lot of people who care. Elvis is from a small section of Florida, the Balls were threatened in Africa until they got smart and started farming them, the Jamp is from an Indonesia Island-one Island only.

Now, I honestly can't tell you why I care, but for some reason I do. Everything in the world needs some one who cares, I will be our lady of the snakes, and the ugly dogs, and the things that no one else wants. Maybe that's it, sometimes I feel like a snake-misunderstood, could be dangerous but not really, and worth knowing. And once I bought a pair of python cowboy boots, and I feel really bad about that now. So maybe I am paying back a kharmic debt or something.


Rachael said...

Bless you. I think snakes are beautiful, I just coulnd't feed them mice and rabbits. If I had a nickle for every feeder mouse I rescued.

Michele said...

I would be totally freaked out with that many snakes ... heck with any snake around. Are they interactive? Do you ever get scared of them?

Debra Kay said...

Rachael-Mousey (earlier in the blog) was the result of my attempt at feeder mouse breeding-now I buy them like hamburger-frozen.

The corns are interactive-I love to hold them, and Elvis when he isn't being cranky. The ball is still nervous-he doesn't bite, but he's afraid, so I am handling him very little.

The new big girl is a complete and utter love.

None of them are poisonous, so being bitten would probably be far less painful than a cat bite. My last two cat bites went right through my fingernails-now those were ouchies.