Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dogs dugs drugs.....

I can honestly say there is nothing better than curling up with the chi's on a chilly night. The heater went out and we had to make due with heat from the stove till the heater guy could get here. It was only a 2 dog night at my house last night-Dollie slept with my father on the couch, Mom was in the dining room on a makeshift bed, and I slept in bedroom with the two little spotties No big trauma, we were all warm and of course snuggling up with a purpose is always fun. My parents will be leaving tomorrow and taking the crew with them, and I will be left alone with the snakes and cat.

This is a dog blog-but props go out to the cat who puts up with all the commotion and dog rotation and still remains my faithful sleeping buddy. Yay Pascht! And farewell to my old friend Chewie-a black Persian who lived his life of 18 years about as animated as a piece of furniture. The original Zen kitty has left his sleeping spot in the bathroom sink and gone to a better place. It must be pretty fabulous, because Chewie felt the bathroom sink was Nirvana. Maybe in heaven he'll get a solid gold pedestal sink with no annoying water fixtures to contend with. Sleep on dear Chewbaca.

Prissy is flat out on her side in the sunny spot and Dottie has backed up and sat down on Prissy. Dottie just enjoys sitting on other dogs and always has.

I am about to log into Cityvet to check on my other two.

Between the darvocet and the Valium it's a little difficult to work up a good righteous bit of anger that makes for interesting reading, writing. But the other little ones out there who are not so lucky are always on my mind and in my heart. I am sending them all a big hug right now and of course prayers for comfort and luck in finding good homes with people who will take care of them.

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